You can get up to 10 points of extra credit by adding up to 2 new wiki pages for the lessons.
1) If there is a lesson that has not been redone yet, you can create a new page called, for example, if there is a precal spring lesson 1, you can make a page called precal spring lesson 1A. When you make the page you need to add two 'tags', one called spring11 and another called lesson.
2) If all the lessons already have an 'A', then you can create something like precal spring lesson 1B. Do not create a 'B' lesson until every lesson has an 'A'
3) You will get between 0 and 5 points for each of the two lessons you do. If you want to create really nice diagrams, you can can download something called 'geogebra' which is free and lets you draw accurate figures. Or you can probably find images online to add, or you can draw them and scan them in. To get 5 points, the write up must be very good and include at least a paragraph of explanation, not just the notes, but more detailed, like what you might see in a textbook.