Funny Quotes

Mr. R: "Sorry, I'm losing my usual edge today."
-Linda Zheng

Student: "You don't want us cheating with our graphing calculator"
Mr. R: "Yea, you have to cheat the old fashion way. Either the kid next to you or your arms."
-Linda Zheng

*Konrad runs out the room*
Mr. R: "Look at that running form. Now that's the form of the fastest runner in NYC."
-Linda Zheng

Mr. R: "Out of everything she could've described me as, I'm an educational blogger. That makes me sound like I'm unemployed and sit in front of the computer the whole day."
-Linda Zheng

*after a student answers a particularly difficult problem*
Mr. R: "That's correct. These are the kinds of moments I use when I write college recommendations for you guys. 'One day, there was a particular problem that had everyone stumped. But then, all of a sudden, -blank- raised his hand, with a defiant glint in his eye, and I knew he was confident in his answer.'"
(not sure if anything I put was verbatim, but it was the general gist.)
-Shannon Zin

Mr. R: "There's this movie... where a math teacher disguises himself as a student and persuades these bad kids that they need to use math to answer their problems, so these thugs went to tutoring to get help on them. And there was this one scene where he has to jump through a window to get back into his classroom, and he changes right before the students come in looking for his disguised self... Well, I thought it was cool."
-Shannon Zin

*polar graphs*
Mr. R: "Okay, guys. Being a dean and all, sometimes I have to blend into the crowd to make sure nothing's wrong. When I do... *takes out cap and sunglasses* I wear this disguise. You see, some of you may have seen me, but you probably didn't realize it."
-Shannon Zin

Mr. R: "I used to work as a computer programmer, and everyday, I would look at the clock, drink water, use the restroom, drink more water, and use the restroom again. I use to make $90,000. Even though I make less now, I enjoy my job and don't spend the whole day wishing my day away."
-Linda Zheng

Mr. R: "Rudy, are you with us?"
-Linda Zheng

Dear Mr. Rubinstein, Love Period 10
Dear Mr. Rubinstein,

I am really happy that I had you for two terms! Math became more than concepts. You taught me more about the world, and that is not something that I can just memorize and forget.

When you talked about what a genius your daughter is, you looked like a really proud dad. When you gave the lecture for our American Studies class on Comedy writing, I can tell that you are trying to teach the class a skill as well as sharing a part of yourself. At first you were a little shy, but then you were really funny and our whole class really liked you. You inspired me when you told stories about “not wishing your day away”. A good teacher always inspires his/her students, and you did precisely that.

You taught me that people can be extraordinary by just doing what they love and enjoying every moment around them. Lots of respect for you! Our class loves you!


Linda Zheng ;)


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Dear Mr. Rubinstein,
Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! Although this is only my second time having you as my teacher, you have been one of my favorites since freshman year when I took math research. You're always nice and enthusiastic, and you don't mind when we ask you a lot of questions, even if they're just a bit obvious. You truly care about what you teach, and I can't help but feel that some of your passion for math gets transferred onto us students as we listen to you in class. You're genuinely interested in math; you don't just do it for the sake of doing it, which is admirable. Furthermore, you're a celebrity among mathematicians! Well, at least I think you are, and who doesn't like having someone famous teaching them? You should teach calculus next year so that we can all have you again! We could fail junior year to get you again, but you've taught us too well to not pass. Or maybe we'll see you if you still do hall patrol during your free periods. Thank you for being so supportive of our mathematical endeavors, believing in us, and giving us the skills we will need to get through life!
Also, your daughter is the cutest thing ever! She may not have liked our performance, but at least she didn't cry or run out...
Now that we have a picture with you and your daughter, our lives are complete :D
- Jenny Nguyen

Inspirational/Cool Moments
-When he plays Pac Man
-When he brings his daughter in and we acted the "Three Little Pig", pretended to be stupid, read stories, and sang.
-When he told us that he was going to BE IN THE NY TIMES and in a Mathematics Journal :D

Art That Show Our Love (Pictures/Drawings)



Dear Mr. Rubinstein,
Thank you so much for putting in so much dedication into teaching us. I've had so much fun in our classes of watching clips of simpsons, watching you play pac man, and playing with your adorable daughter. You've made period 10 math much, much more interesting than it would had been as just another regular precalculus class at Stuy. I will never forget you as an amazing teacher, or your precalculus class ever! May you continue your wonderful teaching for many years to come and continuing inspiring students to try their very best at math!
With much love and appreciation,
Melissa Chan

Dear Mr. Rubinstein,

I always heard great things about you and about your classes when I was with with my friends; however, I never really understood why so many students admire you until I had you as my teacher this term. Your effort and dedication for the class shine through and you always make the lessons interesting and unique. By making diagrams, and videos it really helped me understand the different concepts that were being taught. In addition, I had a lot of fun when we were able to watch movies, play out the three little pigs, and playing pac man. 10th period was a class that I looked forward to because each day I would be able to learn something new about math and life. I am thankful for always supporting and helping our class. Because of your enthusiasm, I was able to see math beyond just numbers and symbols. I hope that you can continue teaching and making math enjoyable to other students as well. Thank you for a great ending to junior year, and I wish you the very best.

Jessica Guo

Dear Mr. Rubinstein,
After having you for three terms, I can say you've been one of the best teachers I've had at Stuy. You made math understandable for me which is very difficult to accomplish! I think you're awesome and your daughter is really awesome and adorable too. I have had tons of fun in the class and I can tell how much you love teaching math. And although I saw that video with all the movie clips three times, I laughed every time. Thanks so much for teaching me math and telling really funny stories and important life skills (such as always buying a lotto ticket at least once in your life, because you might be the lucky person to win).

Dear Mister Rubinstein,
I want you to know that the paper folding lesson's WERE on a whole different level of math teaching technique. Maybe it's that the lesson was twice as good, but the topic was three times harder , so we did like........ 2/3 (????) as good as normal? Whatever that's in the past Mr. Rubinstein, and after having you admit time and again when teaching a tricky topic that you "really messed it up in period 3, but it should be a lot better now", I know you'll improve on it anyways for next year's classes. Not that it wasn't already super good, it was. 100 percent truths: this is the first time I've actually learned math in a long time.
Thanks for a great semester,
Jake Simon
p.s. your packman skills are serious